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Gold from a vending machine?


But of course!  Honey, this is *Dubai*!  Certainly you can get gold from a vending machine!!  Mercy sakes, what did you think, that they wouldn’t HAVE them here or something??? 😉


I was floored.  We were in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah shopping area (totally cool, BTW) on the first day of our BigBusTour – and when I saw this, I *had* to take photos.  Well, it wasn’t like there was anyone standing in line for it or anything…  but there was a crowd at the souk…..


There are all sorts of little gold items from which you may select, charms, ingots, dogtags, you name it.  Thought you might want to see the details…..


From their website, it appears that there are vending opportunities available,,….. here’s the link  http://www.gold-to-go.com and unless you’re fluent in German, you may want to click that little “English” tab up in the top right corner.  🙂