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Food Review – Ruth’s Chris – excellent red meat!


TBG and I had the opportunity (and Entertainer vouchers!) to have a meal at one of the local Ruth’s Chris restaurants here in Dubai.  The H Hotel (formerly the Monarch) is close to the Trade Center roundabout.   Reservations are definitely suggested, and they’re easy to make.  Traffic getting there is crazy, as normal.  But, always navigable.

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I’d never had the pleasure of dining at one, but had heard that they do steak quite well – we were not disappointed.  Valet-parking will allow you to simply step out of your car (and they wouldn’t park it right next to the red Ferarri parked outside the door, either, he asked.) and enter through the big glass doors manned by a rather tall gent from Kenya.  We were directed through the lobby and upstairs to the restaurant.  There were some lovely areas in the lobby, but we were *really* hungry and not terribly motivated to take photos….. but here’s a traditional seating area that was really pretty.

ruthschris 034 ruthschris 033

Seated immediately, we snuggled into a quiet half-circle booth with upholstered walls, leather seats and pillows.  Yes, pillows.  I loved that.   And had our own crystal chandelier overhead with just the right lighting.  Our server was Patrick, who spoke excellent English and even got some of TBG’s jokes – or at least laughed at the right times.  We had a late lunch (for us) reservation of 1 pm, and the restaurant was virtually empty.  There were perhaps three other tables filled.

ruthschris 024 ruthschris 026 ruthschris 025

Choice of sparkling or still water, and the menus and some lovely crusty bread and butter arrived.  The bread was nothing special to us, fairly flavorless, but since my stomach had started growling about 15 minutes earlier, it quieted that.  We’d browsed the menu online prior to our arrival, and TBG had decided that after a positive experience with the Macaroni Grill’s “Sampler” type dish, he’d order the same thing today.  He was sad to find it not on the menu at this location, and asked Patrick was it possibly only available for dinner service.  He got my favorite answer – “Of course sir, we will make it for you!”  *sigh*….. gotta love it.  I opted for a couple of small filet medallions with a crabcake & bearnaise on top, and spiced grilled shrimp alongside.  Asparagus and mashed potatoes rounded out our order and we were left to our conversation while our food was being prepared.

Understated elegance and quiet comfort is how I would describe the surroundings here.   TBG is not a fan of extremely fancy, pretentious restaurants, and he was sitting back and telling me about what all had happened in his workday – perfectly at home.

One annoying thing was that my stomach wouldn’t stop growling.  We could literally smell the steaks brought out sizzling in butter as they were delivered, and it was making us hungry!!

Food arrived, and look at this.  Lovely, but austere presentation on VERY hot plates…. And the focus was on the meat, as it should be.

ruthschris 032 ruthschris 030 ruthschris 029

Both meats were  grilled to perfection, the crabcake was likely one of the best I’ve ever eaten, and TBG was enamored of the chicken stuffed with cheeses – we were both very happy.  The side dishes were good – tasty, but not the stars of this meal. Fresh asparagus, stalks trimmed and steamed just right with a cheesy hollandaise sauce on the side.  The stars were the steaks – fork-tender and prepared just right.   The rich béarnaise sauce was a lovely complement to the filets, which can tend towards dryness.  Not these.

ruthschris 028

All in all, our meal was one that we literally ate until we were full.  Stuffed.  And happy.  Thanks for an excellent lunch, Ruth’s Chris – we’ll be back, and next time, we’ll try dessert first, and if we have room, we’ll eat meat too!  Our lunch was not inexpensive, including all the add-ons we selected, it was right around AED700 before the discount offered by the Entertainer voucher – about $190 USD, and after the voucher, AED485 – about $130 USD.  Well worth it, and we’ll return!  Sadly, our return to the valet pickup area did not provide TBG with the vehicle he was hoping for…..lol……

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