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Shifting Gears and Autodromes


So we’re in the midst of the Dunlop 24 Hour Race, www.24HDubai.com featuring touring, gt cars and 24 hour specials….. they’ve been practicing and warming up and testing for the past couple days.  It’s pretty cool that there is a world-class Autodrome literally *right* across the street from our compound….. in an area named “Motor City”……amazing. www.dubaiautodrome.com

There is a small fence that separates you from the track.  And that’s it.  Unlike the US, where there would be six layers of security and such to protect you from yourself, or anything else.  I suppose I’m supposed to be smart enough here to NOT get myself in trouble, right??Image

I’ve sat in front of a local restaurant outdoors on the sidewalks and watched and listened to the drivers running through the gears, and the engines whining coming out of the turns.  I crossed over the streets to the fence and took a bunch of photos – frankly, I’m not very experienced at photos of race cars.  I have a LOT of photos like this……


This is where the race car *used* to be just a second before!


We have tickets Grandstand and Paddock, but not sure we’re gonna go….. TBG might be getting a cold and I’m still feeling  a bit “chesty” from the bronchitis I’ve fought.  But it is fun listening to them and following along on the internet feed.  There is always something going on here – always some entertainment to have if you want to.