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I’ve been away….


A trip back to the United States to visit family has sort of slapped me with the realization about how long I’d been away and how easily I’d forgotten little things about life here.    Just a few things of note…..

It rains here.   Often.

People drive with a lot of caution here.  You will be among the majority if you leave a carlength between you and the car ahead.

Jetlag traveling east-to-west is a lot less than the same travel west-to-east.  I’m sure there’s some explanation for that….

People here eat supper really early… like 5 – 6 pm.

Ice cream does not have to be mushy by the time you get it home from the grocery store – even without those little insulated bag dealies.

No matter how long you sit at the speaker behind the Chik-fil-a, if it’s Sunday, they ain’t taking your order.  *shrug*

It’ll be good to get back home!