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And it all begins……


July, 2012 – Apparently, TheBigGuy had been turning over in his mind the possibility of a change in job and a major move for some time. The opportunity had been hinted at almost a year before, but had been pretty much discounted, because he had a great civil service job, and truly enjoyed the training he did.  But things change, plans change, wants and needs change, and suddenly, he was in Virginia, interviewing for a new job!

The offer was solid, a dramatic increase in money, insane perks, and the opportunity to visit a part of the world we’d never been to – Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Yes, I had to go to a map to figure out exactly where it was – being all geography-challenged and all. Where is Abu Dhabi, anyhow?

Hmmm….. that looks awfully close to areas that I’ve been hearing about in the news as having some serious unrest. Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Eqypt? Wait, now – what are we thinking? Is this safe? Should we do this? Is it gonna be dangerous?

And the biggest question, am I gonna have to wear one of these???