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Excess Exposure – Furniture


OK, this is a collection of photos from one of my first shopping trips with TBG. He was just trying to expose me to some of the various malls here, and there are a TON of malls here. This particular one had a furniture store that captured my attention for a while – I mean, just LOOK at some of this stuff!!

Looks like a giant birdcage, doesn't it?

Looks like a giant birdcage, doesn’t it?










Home furnishings seem to be on a HUGE scale here – large, low, and massive. They’re built for lounging, I think…. Not for watching TV or conversation. Now, I’m not a particularly good “lounger” – so these pieces didn’t particularly fit me – except for maybe the “princess” pieces…. I honestly think I’ve seen some of these at Walt Disney World…..lol.

Color seems to be highly saturated, very few pastels or “dusty” colors. Nothing that’s neutral feeling to my eyes, even the tan/camel colored sofa in our living room is pretty dynamic, it’s got some orange in it somehow and has the intensity to stand up to the other black pieces in the house, I think.

And then there’s the accents – sparkle, glass, faceted surfaces all over – anything to reflect…. Silver, shiny, chrome, mirrored, all are very popular surfaces.

I think what TBG was doing was actually exposing me to the excess that I will encounter here. And there is a LOT of excess here…. This was just a bit of excess in furniture.