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Lomar Thobes- Traditional Meets Modern


This middle eastern blogger found a Saudi designer that makes the most unusual, fresh-looking thobes – I found it interesting the differences between the UAE kanduras and the Saudi thobes….. great post, give her a read!

Electric Firefly


Here’s a little something for the guys.  When you think of a thobe, you think of the traditional white thobe, which is very simple and classic in design.  There isn’t much to them except for a slight change in the collar and sometimes the colour of the fabric.  I came across this thobe brand which caught my attention.  It’s about time that the thobe had a facelift.  Lomar’s philosophy is to redefine the traditional thobes into more innovative designs to be more appealing for the older generation and fulfilling the taste of the younger.  These thobes definitely do stand out! They are fresh, modern and trendy.  Loving these thobes, wish more jumped on the bandwagon of designing this arab staple.

What do you think?


Instagram @lomarthobe

Click here to visit Lomar’s site.


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Sarcasm nor Humor Translate


TBG is a huge fan of truly bad puns, quips, sarcasm, and innuendo.  He’s mastered all of these and refined them to a true art form.  Ya gotta have some special qualities to appreciate the depth of his ability in these areas.


When you’re living in a place that is 85% foreigners, and made up of about a brazillion different nationalities, none of those attributes translate well.  Not a bit.  Example – When the server asks at a restaurant if he’d like to try their new chicken supreme pasta  – he’ll ask “Can I get it with just the regular chicken??”  And he’s truly just passing the time, making conversation until he finishes reading the menu and makes a decision.  But the poor server has no clue.  Looks baffled.  Looks around for someone with better English skills.

Or the perfume-sprayers.  I dunno what you call them, the demonstrator people that stand around with bottles of perfume and cologne and want to spritz you with the scent they’re promoting.  “Spray, sir, spray for you??”  they’ll ask in a sing-song cadence.   Frankly, the look on their face is priceless when he pops off something like “Can I get it to go?  Takeaway?”.  No clue.

And, it’s important to confirm things.  Example – we ate at The Cheesecake Factory in Mall of the Emirates – it’s the largest one in the world (of course) and had just recently opened – New Year’s Eve.  When we ordered, TBG asked about the Red Velvet Cheesecake – asked was it good, had the server tried it?  The server said yes he’d tried it and he liked it.  TBG closed his menu and said “great!”  I ordered the Lemon Raspberry Cream cheesecake…….The server asked if I wanted two pieces.  Thinking the question a bit odd, I said “No, thanks though”.

Only one came.  Mine.  No cheesecake for TBG.  I suggested that maybe it would be along shortly.  It wasn’t.  Asked the server “Where is his cheesecake?”  With a shocked look, he said “Madame, I am so sorry!  I asked if you wanted two pieces, and when you said “No” – I assumed you would share.  My apologies.  I will get another immediately!”    It was another “literal” conversation…..(remember when I asked the clerk “So, what brought you here?”  and she led off with “Well, madame, I come from a very small village with no buses, so my uncle who has a car took me to the next town…..”??)   TBG asked if the Red Velvet Cheesecake was good and had the server tried it.  The server answered.  Apparently “great” does not an order indicate……..We specified to bring a Red Velvet not another Lemon Raspberry (though it was sooo good!).

Yes, I’ve told him that he’s wasting his time, and all that *amazingly* entertaining humor <snort> on folks that simply won’t get it.  He’s convinced he’s providing a public service – Humor Police or something.  Gotta love TheBigGuy and the lack of translation!

No, honey – it’s not your car.


Sheesh…. TBG sees all these cool cars and thinks that they’re his.  No, honey…. it’s not your car!  Mercy.  This one was in a local mall, we saw it while waiting for the screening of Iron Man 3.


He *really* wanted to lean up against this one... but there were these guys in suits standing around

He *really* wanted to lean up against this one… but there were these guys in suits standing around it….lol.

cute camel, though!

cute camel, though!

uh.... no.  No racecar driving.

uh…. no. No racecar driving.

Arabian Ranches Golf and Nails


Since TBG was gonna go to the Arabian Ranches Golf Club driving range and hit some balls, I decided to tag along and get my nails done, and enjoy the lovely weather.  Luckily, TheNailSpa salon in the Arabian Ranches Clubhouse had an opening, and I was able to get in to get my raggedy-looking nails done.

The interior was pretty and calm and fairly quiet… my nail technician was quick and efficient and did a nice job.  The chairs were comfy, and futuristic looking.  The pedicure chairs looked particularly inviting.

Furniture here tends to be a bit... um..... extreme.

Furniture here tends to be a bit… um….. extreme.

Don't the pedicure chairs look comfy?

Don’t the pedicure chairs look comfy?

It was odd that the salon supervisor and another woman stood together with a clipboard watching her the entire time she was doing my nails.  Prices here are at a premium, they seem to be between 10 – 15% higher than other places I’ve frequented in Dubai.  And, like most, pressure to purchase additional product was consistent and heavy.  But it is convenient and the quality was good.  Beware of providing your phone number, you’ll be receiving many many many phone calls from them!  If you schedule an appointment, they’ll call back to confirm your appointment.  Then, they’ll call the day before the reconfirm your appointment.  Then, you’ll be called on your appointment day a bit before your appointment time to confirm that you’re coming.  And if you don’t schedule an appointment, you’ll be called to ask why and to ask you to schedule one.  If you’re like me, and on a pre-paid phone system, it’s annoying, to say the least!


After the bit of pampering, I wandered out to the driving range to watch TBG hit balls for a bit.  Not my norm, but I was “car-less” and he was my chauffeur!  Found some comfy chairs to lie back in and wait for him to tire.  The view was lovely and relaxing, so I never made it to the range, just waited for him on the patio.  This is a bit of what I saw as I relaxed…….

Lovely course.

Lovely course.

Some of the villas are right *on* the golf course.

Some of the villas are right *on* the golf course.

Calm pretty view.  In the desert.

Calm pretty view. In the desert.

comfy place to stash my pocketbook and mickey mouse hat

comfy place to stash my pocketbook and mickey mouse hat

Great place to prop up my fee, huh?  The bottom of the trees appear to have all been trimmed.... wouldn't want to brush up against them, ya know......

Great place to prop up my fee, huh? The bottom of the trees appear to have all been trimmed…. wouldn’t want to brush up against them, ya know……

Not long after I arrived, he came up toting his clubs…. And we headed back to the truck.

And yes, TBG, hauling his clubs.   Says something about good exercise..... I think he's too cheap to tip a caddy!

And yes, TBG, hauling his clubs. Says something about good exercise….. I think he’s too cheap to tip a caddy!

IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1807

Now, just take a look at the amazing brickwork here, and the landscaping.  It’s such a beautiful, well-tended place.  Hardly looks like the desert now, does it??  It’s a lovely compound, a gorgeous place to live in Dubai.

Chat for Help – not really


I was trying to find out if a local voucher site had any vouchers for a “buy one get one” kinda deal recently….. couldn’t find a “search” area on their website…. But I did see a “click to chat” button…. Clicked it, and this is a copy/paste of our “help session” conversation (insert snarky tone here)….

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Cobone – Ruby’
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK12162036731X
Cobone – Ruby: Welcome to How may I assist you today?
you: Hi, i am trying to search to see if Cobone has vouchers for Atlantis Palm Dolphin Encounters.
Debbie: I cannot locate a search function
Cobone – Ruby: we dont have search option
Debbie: Wow. OK. So how would I know if Cobone has a voucher offer for Atlantis Palm Dolphin Encounters?
Cobone – Ruby: you can navigate our site
Cobone – Ruby: we also send an email
Debbie: Ruby, does have any voucher offers for Atlantis Palm Dolphin Encounters?
Cobone – Ruby: w dont have for now
Cobone – Ruby: we might have it in the future
Debbie: thank you.
Cobone – Ruby: welcome
Cobone – Ruby: Thank you for chatting. Please contact us at anytime. Enjoy shopping at for the best deals and great savings
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.