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How Not to Buy a Persian Carpet


You may enjoy this hilarious but apt description of the purchase of a Persian Carpet by a fellow blogger…. Longhorns and Camels….. read on and smile……

Longhorns and Camels

I rarely answer the door when the bell rings unless I am expecting someone.  When I do answer, I usually have to say no to various salesmen, like the toothless Omani man who wanted to sharpen my knives, or that ever persistent Pakistani gardener who has been trying to steal the job of our current gardener for over a year now.  No open door, no unwanted interactions.  Easy.

On a balmy March afternoon, however, I broke my rule and opened the door to find Yemeni carpet salesmen on the other side. I stole a glance at the stacks of carpets in back of their van. I knew I wanted to buy a carpet before leaving Dubai, and I had heard these door-to-door salesmen offered great deals on carpets. I agreed to let them in, solely to learn more about the carpets and get a feel for what I might want, in…

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