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Lomar Thobes- Traditional Meets Modern


This middle eastern blogger found a Saudi designer that makes the most unusual, fresh-looking thobes – I found it interesting the differences between the UAE kanduras and the Saudi thobes….. great post, give her a read!

Electric Firefly


Here’s a little something for the guys.  When you think of a thobe, you think of the traditional white thobe, which is very simple and classic in design.  There isn’t much to them except for a slight change in the collar and sometimes the colour of the fabric.  I came across this thobe brand which caught my attention.  It’s about time that the thobe had a facelift.  Lomar’s philosophy is to redefine the traditional thobes into more innovative designs to be more appealing for the older generation and fulfilling the taste of the younger.  These thobes definitely do stand out! They are fresh, modern and trendy.  Loving these thobes, wish more jumped on the bandwagon of designing this arab staple.

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Instagram @lomarthobe

Click here to visit Lomar’s site.


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