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Never know who you’ll meet~


When we walked into a mall we heard an unfamiliar sound…. the distinctive “swapp — swapp — swapp — swapp” of a basketball being dribbled on a tile floor…. you’ve all heard it, right? No mistaking that sound at all. But in a mall? What the heck??

so surprising to see stature and accent in this setting!

so surprising to see stature and accent in this setting!

Went a little further and saw this gent – he was here from Chicago, and was conducting some basketball clinics in order to promote teamwork, leadership and training, plus some athleticism for the younger residents.

Obesity is at epidemic levels in the UAE, especially in the younger age groups. Diabetes is also at epidemic levels in the UAE. Back in 2007, ABC News was reporting that one person in four had the disease, that is 25% of the population!  By some calculations, over 40% of the UAE’s population will have diabetes by the year 2020! So there is a big media and social push on to promote a more healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise.

Yup.... it was one of those "huh?" moments.

Yup…. it was one of those “huh?” moments.

It was so unexpected to see a man as tall as TBG, and speaking with an American accent as well – just one of those “huh?” moments I’ve encountered.

Produce Oddity – Potatoes


OK, just a quick note about potatoes. I know, potatoes? What’s interesting about them, anyhow? Well, in the US, I was accustomed to my Idaho Russets – kind of all-purpose potatoes, you know? Here there are MANY more choices…. and they’re all different taste and textures. Pretty cool. But I noticed something odd.

You know how when you keep potatoes just a bit past their prime, they’ll begin sprouting??

photo from

These are the sprouts I’m accustomed to seeing….. kind of pointy and long?

Hmmm… my potatoes here didn’t exactly look that way – they sprouted some alien-looking ball-shaped pods of some sort!

What the heck???

What the heck???

Freakishly round, I didn’t quite know what they were, afraid it was some weird Middle-Eastern mold spore or something…. but nah…. it was just a sprout!

My goodness.... weird looking, aren't they?

My goodness…. weird looking, aren’t they?

Nope.... not some exotic mold spore, just a dang sprout.  Funny-looking, though!

Nope…. not some exotic mold spore, just a dang sprout. Funny-looking, though!

OK, crisis averted. I popped those puppies off, peeled, boiled, mashed and seasoned them and we ate them for supper… just another tiny view of my new Middle Eastern life, huh??

Video – Crazy Barking Dubai Birds


Seriously?  Do birds ever get rabid?  This critter was trying to get into the house, I swear!  And, he started out on the carport where the sound REALLY echoes and resonates, and his bird-noise sounded *exactly* like a large dog barking…. Scared the you-know-what outta me till I figured out what was going on.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d heard them, just the first tkme I’d seen them…. So I was trying to capture it for TBG to see when he got home, because I had this feeling that he *really* didn’t believe me when I told him there was a crazy barking Dubai bird that came to our house……

OK, hope you can hear it, because I promise you, its wicked weird!