Dubai Thunderstorm Video


Ya know, having lived in the deep south in the US, driving in an afternoon thunderstorm is no big deal – you just slow down a bit, allow some extra room, and expect to have limited visibility and water ponding on the roads in low spots, right?  And, ya kinda get used to it, because every summer afternoon, between 1600 – 1900, there’s gonna be a brief thunderstorm.  Every. Day.

In Dubai  –  not so much.  There’s not many days of rain there, and when there is a thunderstorm, it must mean that the gods are angry or something – really rare.  Consequently, Dubai drivers don’t have a lot of experience driving in an unexpected downpour.  And *all* weather in Dubai is “unexpected”….. no weather forecasts, ya see.  So, we ended up driving in one of the worst thunderstorms Dubai had seen in years – TBG was sure, safe and steady, in control of the situation, but many other vehicles on the roadways sadly were not…. here’s a quick video I made of that odd drive……

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  1. Hi Debbie

    I am a new subscriber, I described when I saw your post about the Burj Al Arab, I just wanted to know if you ever got around to doing a post about the Junsui restraunt as I would be very interested to see hear your thoughts and hopefully see some pics.

    Thank you very much.


    • Kelly – I’ve not yet completed the post about tea at the Junsui restaurant…. it was fabulous, and I truly want people to have a true “feel” for what we experienced…. promise I’ll get it completed soon, though! Thanks for subscribing, it’s nice to know that people enjoy reading about our experiences. Thanks.

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