The Nutmeg Incident


Those of y’all that know TBG know that he is a *firm* believer in “more is better”, right?  So, if the directions tell you to use a “pinch” of something, two pinches would be much better…….

He was gonna stop at the store and called to ask me if I needed anything.

“Nutmeg.  Just some nutmeg.”

“OK….where is it??”

“Spice aisle, baby…. In the spice aisle!  Just need some nutmeg for French toast”

(see, now I’ve got him associating the spice with something he wants to eat, so he’ll not only remember it but look forward to it… and think I’m planning meals for him.  I’m a wiley woman!)

“OK, nutmeg.  French toast.  Got it.”

Now – I didn’t think a single thing about this again till he got home and handed me the bag triumphantly….  But it was a lot heavier than I’d expected for a jar of nutmeg, you know??  I was expecting this……


But what I ended up with are these…..


Lots and lots and lots and lots of these!  Like, enough of them (still in their shells!) for everyone I know to have a lifetime supply……

So, I learned to crack them open and grate them to use them.  Man, is it fine to have freshly-ground nutmeg – the fragrance and taste are ever so much nicer than that little jar, but I’ll never tell TBG that – I just chide him about “The Nutmeg Incident”……lol.

About DebbieT

I followed my husband to Dubai for a job. Then, I followed him to Bahrain for another job. Now we live in a bigassbus and travel all over the US, seeing all the things we missed before. I adore adventure and hate that wench on the WiiFit. Collecting experiences is my new hobby. I type and write just like I speak - fast with a lot of errors, and they don't trouble me at all. I have a very short attention span, am able to Google for something and not come up for air for hours, I am an encourager, a cheerleader, organizer and able to juggle multiple projects at once.

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  1. Must remember nutmeg on French toast. Do the French use nutmeg on their toast? Do the French even *eat* French toast?

    We are traveling now. No home. Just apartments in countries far away, and lots of wonderful experiences. But Dubai? gonna follow you…

    Isn’t it grand what we discover as we travel…?

    • Dunno about nutmeg-eating French, Tom…. but my Mama sure uses it! I have begun to read your blog as well, I’m one of those crazies that likes to start at the beginning. You are where I might want to be! Thanks for following along.

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