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Shopping review – Park ‘n Shop


It’s not often that I find a local store with higher-than-normal prices that I’ll continue to frequent…. but Park ‘n Shop is one!  Amazing customer service, excellent selection and bright clean store.   Park n Shop opposite Green Communities East … anyhow, it’s new, bright, clean, has a nice and wide assortment of goods, especially those pesky American items that catch my eye. I had to resist a number of things that weren’t on my list! Covered parking, and the cashiers were kind and friendly, not bored and indifferent – but the big plus was that the bagboy actually pushed my groceries out the door without asking! One thing, watch the expiration dates closely – a “buy one get one free” salad dressing deal certainly looked like a great buy, until I checked the dates, and they were just a few days out. But – lovely bakery, watch the signage – if they’re out of something, they’ll just leave the sign there next to something that looks exactly like it, but with a different price. Annoying. Overall? Yeah, a bit spendy, but much nicer produce than my local Motor City Spinney’s and a faboo bakery.  They also have a fish section that’s sort of “separated” from the rest of the store, as well as a “pork” section – no aromas from either make it out.  Oh, and the store is on two levels, with one of the flat magnetized escalators helping you up and down.


park n shop 009 park n shop 010 park n shop 011 park n shop 012


Just don’t forget that traffic in and out of the Greens can be monstrously difficult if you aren’t in and out between say 10 am and 2 pm daily.