At theTop of the Burj Khalifa – tallest building in the world


Wow.  Just wow.  I mean, we just went up into the tallest building in the world.  There’s not a whole lot of superlatives that haven’t been used to describe it….. huge, amazing, intimidating, wondrous, I mean, it’s really really tall.


You can read all about the specifics and all the statistics here on their website and be amazed at how tall it is, how long it took, how many people it too, just all the specifics.  I’m just here to give you my impressions……

Wow.  First, you pay to go in.  I didn’t know that, but found out.  If you’re a planner, good for you.  If you’re a planning slug, you lose out.  Buy tickets in advance = AED125, and walkup is AED400.  That’s about $46 for planners and $148 for you slugs out there.  Me?  I planned!!

Our appointed time was Friday morning at 10 am, I’d hoped that the seasonal fog and haze would have lifted by then, but it would still be early enough that the crowds wouldn’t be there yet.  Close.   The fog was gone, but the haze was still with us.  *shrug*

We arrived at the Dubai Mall, parked and walked through the mall to get to the entrance.  It was kinda cool, because the mall was pretty much deserted at this time of the morning!



I stepped outside and snapped a few photos of the scenery of the day…. pretty, wasn’t it?


Presented ourselves at “will call” as instructed after our online purchase.  We had our tickets now, and were just waiting for our allotted time…..


When the big countdown clock in the assembly area hit 10:00, the woman manning the turnstile scanned and then stamped each person’s ticket.  They then could proceed to the security area where all pockets were emptied into bins and scanned, all pocketbooks, bags and pouches were scanned, and people walked through the detector things.  If anything alerted the security people, they would also “wand” you…. Just like going into the courthouse back in Dothan, Alabama.

Once you were through security, you proceeded to a moving walkway that was wonderful because to get to the actual base of the building, the elevator entrances are about a mile from the entrance at the mall….. OK, maybe not an *entire* mile, but dang close to it.  I was grateful for the moving walkway.



It let you off close to another  area that had a director’s chair and plaque in it noting Tom Cruise’s movie Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol that was filmed there…..  I made TBG stand beside the chair for a photo.  Oh, and the areas around you are quite lovely and surprisingly sedate, white, black and chrome are the colors that prevail.


OK, next, up a really really really long escalator, I took our photo to entertain me…….


We arrived at another area with a queue for the elevators.  Two elevators for this tour.  The tour guidepeople were not shy at all about “helping” folks enter all the way into the elevators, either.  Different cultures have different requirements for their personal space…..  frankly, TBG’s personal space requirements were NOT met during this elevator ride.


I’d noticed that the elevator had a mirrored ceiling, so to distract him, I got him to look up with me so I could take our photo in the elevator.


When the doors closed, I’d been a bit apprehensive about these….. thinking “what if I feel motion sickness”??  No danger of that, the trip was over before I could clear my ears from popping the first time, honest!  Seriously fast.  Honest.  Like 40 mph fast!

Then, the doors opened.



It was like the entire city was laid at my feet.  Seriously.  It was like I couldn’t get enough of looking at it – but I did remember to take some pictures!


I went through a revolving door following some other folks and had this sudden spike of absolute panic – I was OUTSIDE.  With the wind.  And the air.  And the nothingness below me.  Breathe deeply – there are other people out here even children can come it must be safe there is no way they’d let you up here if it wasn’t safe look there is an old man and old woman and they can do this so just shut up and breathe.


Yes, I was a bit nervous, a bit shaky…. a picture of TBG’s elbow?  What the heck?  Well, I tried to take photos of us, but I was stressed and it was too bright and and and……

OK – I got this.  I stepped closer to the handrails and again, just stood there gawking at the view.  Amazing.  And, you can see exactly where the city ends and the desert begins, reminding me that if it weren’t for the brazillion gallons of desalinated water used daily, there would be no green places in Dubai, it would all be sand and more sand.  Wow.  And the roads, they make no sense on the ground, and still made no sense from this height.  Loops and curves to the oddest manners – I’ll never get it.


And then, I looked up.  And realized that again, there was nothingness above me.   To calm my mounting panic, I took this photo – it only shows this level of the building, not the many floors above it!


Now, at the top was a gift shop, pretty nice, a bit pricey, but where else can you get things like that??

Burj Khalifa 077

Instead, I opted for a pressed penny like the ones I get from Disney Parks!

smashed penny001

So, after an awesome time looking out over the city, we headed back down the elevator, and onto a long escalator for the ride back to the Dubai Mall, and…. a…. you guessed it!  Gift shop!

Burj Khalifa 085 Burj Khalifa 086 Burj Khalifa 087

Enjoy the photos, I enjoyed the experience of going up in the world’s tallest building!

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    • Weren’t they cool? I tried to put them into the post in order, because it looked pretty interesting….. glad you liked it! And thanks for following along.:)

    • Thank you, Jeanie, I’m incredibly proud as well. Some days when I wake up, I’m thinking “honey, you ain’t in Kansas anymore!” and it’s in a good way! Thanks for keeping up with us – nice to have you here!

    • LOL…. Marcia, I totally understand. I felt that way a couple of times, but battled it back and I’m so very glad I did – wasn’t it an amazing vantage point? I mean, we were looking down at 50-story skyscrapers that look like little kids’ toys….. amazing. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it a lot!

  1. We did “At The Top” when we came for our visit in 2010 before moving and it was definitely very cool. Back then, business bay wasn’t even finished! I was lucky enough to be at the highest observation deck in 2009 at the Shanghai World Financial Center — so two years in a row being at the highest observation deck!

    • Wow, Tami – you have certainly earned the “expert badge” in highest observer status….. that’s awesome! It’s so hard to imagine how things here change so *very* quickly, isn’t it? Glad you visited me…. thanks for following along!

  2. I Am AMAZED! The photos were breathtaking! So futuristic and surreal! I think I need to use more of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the girls at work were just as amazed as I was… Of Course I showed them! LOL!)

    • Jenn, it truly was an amazing experience – I honestly stood there with my mouth open when the elevator doors opened and we walked out. Once in a lifetime, you know?? Pretty cool. Hey, tell the girls at your work I said “hello”!!

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