Global Village Visit


Had an opportunity, so we took it.  Turned out to be “Family Day”, apparently, single men cannot enter, close as I can figure.  Entry is a whopping AED10, which is $2.70, and since we had Entertainer vouchers, we saved $2.70 on entry – costing each of us $1.35 to get in, which is exactly what TBG said this experience was worth.  Yikes!  At the entrance, there were middle eastern men with their wives hanging back, waiting on him to pay and take them inside.  Folks, it’s a different culture here.  🙂

global village 003 (2)

There are a number of different countries represented here, and each has its own little pavilion area.  Some have some food places inside them to eat, but mainly, they’re shopping opportunities, theoretically from the country itself.  Were there products in the pavilion that were from that country?  Perhaps.  But it was overwhelmingly not the case, and the exact same products were available in every pavilion, especially these brightly-colored stretchy pants for women that wear less than a size 2.  Really.

skinny jeans skinny pink jeans

You know that women that fit into these pants, it’s my personal opinion that they haven’t eaten since Thankgiving last year.  Sheesh.  And the bedding sets, every pavilion we visited had bedding sets.  Duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.  Every single one.

duvet set

Nothing wrong with them, just that they’re not representative of the country’s pavilion we were visiting.

Now, me?  I visited thinking “This is advertised as educational and cultural, but they have rides, so I probably will have fun”.  Of course, all the rides were closed after the horrific decapitation tragedy in January.  (  So, I think my expectations were a bit lower than TBG’s – he was thinking that a country like this would likely have some exhibit like Disney’s EPCOT on steroids.

I think his comment was “The only similarity was that they both dumped you out at a gift shop.”  *shrug*  I enjoyed the shopping, and the bargaining for things…. I bought two shawls, one was seriously embroidered and quite heavy and I threw it around my shoulders immediately because it was chilly.  The other I chose was hand-loomed, a bit more delicate, pastel colors.  It’ll be perfect to keep the air-conditioning chill away this summer.

global village 003 global village 002

There were a lot of really interesting abaya and burka shops, a couple of them allowed me to take photos…..

global village 042 global village 043 global village 041 global village 040 global village 039 global village 038 global village 016 global village 015

And on one of the walkways, this gent was selling a tamarind drink out of the giant jingling teapot on his back… it REALLY struck TBG as funny, so I snapped a quick photo.  I think the gent was sullen because I didn’t want to try the tamarind drink…. But I was still munching and enjoying fresh roasted chestnuts.

global village 060

Pretty interesting glasswork, and some pillows that made me smile, and some of the most ornate serving pieces I think I’ve *ever* seen….. glass, mirror, gold and silver.  Amazing.  Way too pretty to put food on, I think.

global village 046 global village 009 global village 010 global village 011 global village 018 global village 026 global village 044 global village 045

We were in the Jordan pavilion I believe when we stopped at a small food-serving place that had unrecognizable things to eat there.  Not surprised, I watched for a few minutes, seeing what other people were eating, and how they were eating it – there was some kind of a pizza-looking deal that got baked, then brought out, sprinkled with lemon juice and folded up.  The man behind the counter said “What will you have, Madame?”  I pointed at the pizza looking thing and said “What is that??”  He said “You will like it – for two?”  I said “Sure.”  Paid the man AED10 (about $2.70 USD) and pretty soon, had my own odd folded pizza thing – that tasted NOTHING like pizza, but had an awesome crispy kind of oven-baked bread, with a pesto-ish inside guts thing and some red and orange peppers visible…. Might have been some ground meat of some sort in there, but it was REALLY tasty!  So much that I almost forgot to take photos of it before it was all gone!

global village 057 global village 058 global village 054 global village 055 global village 053

Also, spiral potatoes on a stick.

global village 027 global village 028

Across the way was a lovely fragrant display of handmade soaps and toiletries….. gorgeous.

global village 052

There was an intriguing exhibit of a Guiness book of world records for the largest book in the world, I think….. here’s a photo of TBG in front of it.  We were invited to become one of the “million signatures” for something as well…. Here’s our contribution.

global village 021 global village 020 global village 019 global village 025 global village 023

And, there *was* some sort of Cultural Show……

global village 013 global village 014 global village 012

The pavilion facades were interesting, and well-done.  The detail was pretty amazing, and the themeing was quite extraordinary, we thought.  Disney would have been proud of the efforts!

global village 037 global village 036

And if you found yourself at the wrong gate to exit, tired of walking, there were guys on rickshaw bicycles that would ride you to your vehicle for just a few dirhams.

global village 007

But that was representative of the oddly repetitive shopping experience at Global Village.   It was a neat place, though, and I’ll go back.

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I followed my husband to Dubai for a job. Then, I followed him to Bahrain for another job. Now we live in a bigassbus and travel all over the US, seeing all the things we missed before. I adore adventure and hate that wench on the WiiFit. Collecting experiences is my new hobby. I type and write just like I speak - fast with a lot of errors, and they don't trouble me at all. I have a very short attention span, am able to Google for something and not come up for air for hours, I am an encourager, a cheerleader, organizer and able to juggle multiple projects at once.

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  1. Wait, you didn’t get to see Egyptian or Jordanian dancing?
    Have to say that the pics were fabulous as always, and there was food, and hey, you Did have a nice day wandering about the place with TBG! Next time, there better be dancing! LOL!

    • I did see some gents dancing, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what country they were from, or what the dance signified. Or if it really had any meaning at all. Like I said, it was a pleasant shopping experience. That was about it. And the eating thing – man, that was a good bite we had!

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