Daily Archives: 20 February, 2013

Wait. Is that *real* grass??


Excess, right?  I’ve written about it before.  But I didn’t truly realize the extent to which some residents here go in order to maintain a green “lawn”.

Having lived in the deep south in the US, I’ve been an advocate of the “pave it and paint it green once a year” movement.  Gaining no ground however, we simply installed a sprinkler system to maintain the grass looking lawnish.  Here?  What do they do here?  Short of having a guy that comes with your house, some people put out fake grass.


Fake grass.  I always thought of it as “astroturf”…. The stuff that football stadiums are full of, and is the tacky looking green plastic grass tufts that people covered their cement patios with in the 70’s.  You know, it came all folded up in a plastic bag at the local discount store, and you unfolded it, and glued it down.


Just like that old Virginia Slims’ commercial “We’ve come a long way baby!” – plastic grass ain’t what it used to be!  This stuff has evolved into some sophisticated groundcover.  Take a look at the varieties I found just at the local ACE Hardware…….


It comes in different lengths, colors, densities, pretty amazing stuff.  And people will put this in their yard and pay the guy that came with their house to hose it off regularly, I suppose.  Maybe sweep off the leaves and flower blossoms?  Wait – wouldn’t that be pretty confusing to a cat – I mean, they’re wanting to dig in it and all, and that ain’t gonna happen.  Will dogs poop on it?  Or will they opt for something real like dirt or sand?

I also saw the cutest critter fountains – I decided they were meerkats, TBG says prairie dogs….  and a funny recreation of the Burj Al Arab…



Anyhow – yes, just another example of excess and oddities I’ve seen.

Followup to Camelicious – taste test video inside


OK, so here’s a video of me tasting camel’s milk for the first time…… it’s our first attempt.  I think we need better lighting….. <Smile>

Note to self – speak slower.  Even though you’re a Yankee, it’s easier for people to understand you if you speak more slowly.  And mercy, get better lighting!!!

Edited to add this nutrition label for the chocolate milk!