Milk By Any Other Name


Should still be milk, right?  But noooooo….. see, I can’t do a lot of dairy.  Without getting truly disgusting and providing way too much information,  dairy products don’t agree with me much.  It’s called being “Lactose Intolerant” – and you’d be amazed at the products that have milk in them.  But, there’s this fabulous thing called “lactose free milk” that has truly been a godsend for me and millions of others like me.  And those around us if we consume lactose-ed milk.

So, anyway, before I got here, TBG had been hunting for lactose-free milk for me…. Hadn’t found any and had laid in a store of those tablets you’re supposed to take BEFORE you consume dairy stuff.  Yes, even though I had explained to him that we’d tried those, multiple kinds and multiple times, with zero results.  So, when I got here, I was still hoping to find some, thinking that perhaps he’d simply overlooked it.


Yes!  There’s some!!  Oh wait…. That’s rice milk.  And that lactose-free one right next to it?  Soymilk.  And almond milk.  And sesame milk.  Hazelnut milk, coconut milk, goats milk and camel milk.


CAMEL MILK??  OK, my brain went a little haywire on that one – imagine the camel-milking dairy workers there…. “yeah honey, I had this tough old gal today, that camel didn’t want to give up any milk, but lemme tell you what…..”  so it has been a bit freaky inside my brain shopping for lactose-free milk here.

But guess what I finally found???  Yup, shelf-stable lactose free milk.  Definitely not low-or fat-free, but I can drink it, and it lasts about forever on the shelf!


Oh wait – you can’t read that??  Silly me…. See, if you can’t read something here, just turn it around, chances are there’s another language on the other side.  <smile>


Pretty cool, huh?  This is a square liter container… just a bit over a quart, if I remember my US/Metric conversions correctly.  But feel free to wonder right along with me at the closure here…….



Hmmm…. Interesting looking.  The first one of these I encountered, I pushed, pulled, poked, slid, tried to pry up the white bar thing, snapped it right off.  So, I ended up pushing the blue tab dealie right down into the milk.


Yeah, go ahead and laugh.  You *know* you have done the exact same thing with a wine-bottle cork before….. sheesh.  Anyhow, I took a closer look at it……..


AAAAhhhhhhh……. Looky here!  It says “lift” right there, molded right into the plastic.  Guess what happens if you just lift that little tab up??


Bingo!  Open milk.


Ha!  Listen, I’ve yet to meet a milk container that can get the best of me!  But this one gave it a try!  For those interested in the costs of things here, this liter was AED 7 here, approximately $1.90 USD.  Just another odd thing I’ve found here…… carry on.

About DebbieT

I followed my husband to Dubai for a job. Then, I followed him to Bahrain for another job. Now we live in a bigassbus and travel all over the US, seeing all the things we missed before. I adore adventure and hate that wench on the WiiFit. Collecting experiences is my new hobby. I type and write just like I speak - fast with a lot of errors, and they don't trouble me at all. I have a very short attention span, am able to Google for something and not come up for air for hours, I am an encourager, a cheerleader, organizer and able to juggle multiple projects at once.

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  1. You just made my day. You must have a new camera and date not set correctly as we are not in 11th month of 2013. (smile) Love your post. Have a great day. Crutterfileld

  2. I’m enjoying your trip from my recliner! NOW I know what my son experienced when he was over there, both there and Saudi and (8 long nail biting months of Iraq). Please keep up the great reports!

    • Awww….. Becky what I am doing here is *nothing* like what your son went through – but I’m thrilled that you ar enjoying my baby blog. Thank you for stopping by, and next time you slip into your recliner, I hope to have something new for you to read! Don’t be a stranger!

  3. Camel’s Milk?!?! Freaky stuff! And you Know I made the pics big trying to find it! Well, I guess if you live in the land of camels you find their milk on the grocery shelves. Thanks for doing this blog so we can all live vicariously through your adventures!

    • Hmmmm…. insaneety I will happily check local groceries on my rounds for you – if I had to hazard a guess, it would be Spinney’s or LuLu’s. But I’ll keep an eye out – I don’t recall which specific store had the Hazelnut milk but will look! Thanks for following along.

      • OK, Spinney’s has a “hazelnut” flavored milk… but upon closer inspection, it appears to be a soy milk that’s simply flavored with hazelnut. Or at least that’s what I understood.

  4. Hi Debbie. Welcome to Dubai. I was trying to find lactose free milk for my husband but can’t find it anywhere. Wer did u get it from?thanks.

    • Saima – welcome to Dubai! You can find the lactose-free cow’s milk at Spinney’s, Carrefour, Park n Shop, Geants and Choithram’s. I *believe* I have also seen it at LuLu’s, but I can’t swear to that. Again, welcome to Dubai, and your husband will really enjoy the flavor of that milk, I was astounded! Oh, and it’s on the grocery shelves, not in the dairy cooler area! Thanks for following along on our adventure.

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