Daily Archives: 2 January, 2013

I shoulda listened.


But I didn’t.  My friend Kenny gave me some very good advice when I asked him “So, Kenny…. now that I have all this nice new tile in the house, what cleaners should I get to keep it looking good??”

Kenny said “Nuttin.  Just use plain water with some vinegar in it.”


Simple, right?  The cleaning solution, not Kenny.  <grin>  OK, anyhow, he was absolutely right, I used nothing but plain tap water and white vinegar and that tile looked fabulous.  Lesson learned!

Then, I moved here.  This villa is completely tiled, there is nothing on the floors except tile.  About 22 square miles of tile.  With grout.  Some of which is less-than-new looking.  But, I used Kenny’s magic formula, and it worked great, tile looks great.  Grout?  Not so much.

So I went googling in search of something more “modern” or something “stronger” to make it look better…. and found this concoction containing water, baking soda, vinegar and bleach.  Mixed it up, smelled like it oughta clean grout….. put it all over the 22 square miles of tile and mopped it all right up.  Felt pretty dang proud of myself too, all naturally-cleaning and all, floor all wet and shiny.


Streaked and spotted and dried up powdery-looking stuff, I thought “Holy crap.  I’ve got to re-mop this entire 22-square mile freekin floor!”

And this tiny little voice inside, you know-the one you know you should listen to….. said ….

“You shoulda listened to Kenny.”

About six buckets-full of vinegar water and two hours later, all 22 square miles of the floors were all clean and nice-looking.   But, hats off to you, Kenny, and yes, I shoulda listened.