Christmas Caroling – Dubai Style


Tonight, the front doorbell rang.  This is odd, because it only rings when there are deliveries – of furniture, stuff the store was out of that we ordered, or food.  We both looked at each other and none of these situations applied…. So  TheBigGuy answered the door.  It was a group of five Christmas Carolers – from the far east.  Three women, a child, and a man with a guitar.  Maybe they were from the Philippines, maybe Thailand, maybe Vietnam or I’m not quite certain because I didn’t ask – because they told TBG “We will sing for you.”

Nonplussed and frankly not knowing exactly what the correct protocol was in this situation, he said “Well allrighty then!”  And motioned for me to “come here”.  I went to the door, and one of the women said “We will sing for you for the flood victims….. the flood, you know??”  and handed  me an envelope.

Ding, ding ding!  OK, I get it.  They’re collecting donations for flood victims somewhere.  Probably the eastern seaboard, because we were from the US.  Or at least that is what I’m guessing.  Anyhow, the singing commenced, and like Andy Griffith said “twere’nt nothing like no game of football I’d of evah seen”  – the tune was vaguely familiar…. Sometimes it was “jingle bells” other times it might have been “jingle bell rock”…. Maybe it was one of those new “mashup” songs…… anyhow, I understood that we were gonna be sung to until we ponied up some cash, so I handed the envelope to TBG.

Bless his heart.  He looked at the empty holiday envelope and said “What’s this for?”  I said, “Honey, they’re collecting donations.”  He said “You’re kidding.”  I turned to him and said “They’re singing for money.  Give them some.”

At this point, I think he understood that they would stand there and sing these sweetly-unrecognizable Christmas Carols which required him to smile entirely too long until he paid up.  The magic words.  “How much?”  were whispered in my ear.  I said “50” which is around $15 or so….. he handed it to me with the envelope to make the transaction…. I put the bill in the envelope, and when the music seemed to be winding down, or getting a bit slower, I smiled broadly, put one hand on the door knob, waved good bye and thanked them profusely while handing the woman the envelope.

They thanked us, the singing stopped at our door, and they left.  TBG went back to whatever he was watching on TV, I think FOX financial or something, and said “Were we just held hostage by carolers??”

*sigh*…. Raised by wolves, I swear that man was raised by wolves………

About DebbieT

I followed my husband to Dubai for a job. Then, I followed him to Bahrain for another job. Now we live in a bigassbus and travel all over the US, seeing all the things we missed before. I adore adventure and hate that wench on the WiiFit. Collecting experiences is my new hobby. I type and write just like I speak - fast with a lot of errors, and they don't trouble me at all. I have a very short attention span, am able to Google for something and not come up for air for hours, I am an encourager, a cheerleader, organizer and able to juggle multiple projects at once.

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    • Jeanie, I swear, if you could have *seen* the expression on his face, it was priceless. Then, those quiet few moments after the door closed…… and his realization and description of what he just thought had happened was priceless. Truly!! Merry Christmas to you and your family – hope it’s a fabulous one!

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